Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP)

There are multiple commercial PaaS offerings in existence using languages such as Java, Python and Ruby and frameworks such as Spring and Rails. Although these offerings differ in such aspects as programming languages, application frameworks, etc., there are inherent similarities in the way they manage the lifecycle of the applications that are targeted for, and deployed upon them. The core proposition of this specification is that these similarities can be leveraged to produce a generic application and platform management API that is language, framework, and platform neutral.

For PaaS consumers this management API would have the following benefits:

  • “Portability between clouds” is emerging as one of the primary concerns of cloud computing. By standardizing the management API for the use cases around deploying, stopping, starting, and updating applications, this specification increases consumers’ ability to port their applications between PaaS offerings.
  • It is likely that implementations of this specification will appear as plugins for application development environments (ADEs) and application management systems. Past experience has shown that, over time, such generic implementations are likely to receive more attention and be of higher quality than the implementations written for solitary, proprietary application management interfaces.

For PaaS providers this management API would have the following benefits:

  • The existence of a consensus management API allows providers to leverage the experience and insight of the specification’s contributors and invest their design resources in other, more valuable areas.
  • By increasing the portability of applications between PaaS offerings, this management API helps “grow the pie” of the PaaS marketplace by addressing one of the key pain points for PaaS consumers.
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